Watch what MEBSA is all about!

The Marine Ecology Biology Student Association (MEBSA) is an academic organization created by San Diego State University (SDSU) students based at the Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory (CMIL) in Point Loma. As a student-run organization, we strive to foster a cohesive and supportive community among SDSU students and faculty.  One of the goals of MEBSA is to raise awareness about current research and conservation issues in marine science. We work to communicate these issues to the public through education and outreach activities. MEBSA endeavors to improve the academic environment at CMIL with the goal of improving the quality of research and collaboration.
MEBSA currently has opportunities to participate in marine research, community outreach, and education. Since January 2012, we have hosted a Marine Science Seminar Series at CMIL. The purpose of the seminar series is to showcase current research in the field of marine science conducted by faculty and students at SDSU as well as other local institutions. MEBSA’s spring Seminar Series featured speakers from SDSU, UCScripps Institution of Oceanography, CA Sea Grant, and the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

MEBSA Mission Statement

  • To foster a cohesive and supportive community among students in marine ecology and biology at San Diego State University
  • To communicate marine science issues to the public through education and outreach activities
  • To work towards improving the academic environment at the Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory (CMIL) with the goal of improving the quality of research and collaboration

MEBSA Curriculum Vitae

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