Many researchers at CMIL require help running experiments and conducting field work.  Volunteering at CMIL  allows you to experience various types of marine science research and is a great resume booster.

For information about the labs and type of research conducted at CMIL, please visit our CMIL Researchers page. From there, you can visit the websites of individual faculty and see what research the grad students are up to. You can also visit the SDSU Opportunities in Research Biology spreadsheet for a list of grad students across all biology disciplines looking for volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering with a lab group or an individual please email mebsa.cmil@gmail.com with the information in the volunteer form below. We will post this on our listserv and researchers that currently need help will contact you personally. Next, you will get registered to work at CMIL. Any person working at CMIL that is not a paid employee of the University or the Foundation must be registered as a volunteer.

Peak season for research is during the summer months, and most opportunities will occur during this time.  However, science is not limited to the summer, and often students and faculty require help year round.

 Click Here to Download the CMIL Volunteer Form PDF