MEBSA Student Officers


Ric DeSantiago and Erica Pollard

The co-chairs oversee all MEBSA activities and events, including working with the student officers and financial operations, community outreach, and program development. The co-chairs server as the chief executive officers of the organization, preside at all meetings of the organization, and prepare meeting agendas.


Candace Alagata

The MEBSA secretary is responsible for maintaining the archive of all MEBSA documents, events, and activities. The Secretary takes minutes at all meetings of the organization, keeps these on file, and submits required copies to all organization members. The Secretary is also responsible for all organization correspondence and keep copies on file. The Secretary maintains membership records for the organization.


Darrin Ambat

The Treasurer manages all financial operations of MEBSA and is responsible for creating the annual budget proposal to present to San Diego State University’s Associated Students (AS).

Seminar Coordinators:

Anthony Truong and Gabriella Kalbach

The Seminar Coordinators are responsible for organizing all aspects of the MEBSA seminar series each semester, this includes contacting faculty and student speakers and helping advertise the seminar series.

Outreach Coordinators:

Vanessa Van Deusen and Karina Arzuyan

The Outreach Coordinator works to build collaborations with schools and other science education groups based in the San Diego region. Sara will also be working to help MEBSA develop new educational activities for us to use on classroom visits.

Marine Science Day Coordinators:

Ric DeSantiago and Vanessa Van Deusen

The Marine Science Day (MSD) Coordinator organizes the annual CMIL’s MSD event, held every spring at the CMIL facility.  The coordinator helps to organize all laboratory activities, gain funding for the event, and advertise the event to the public and the SDSU community.

Newsletter Editor:


The Newsletter Editors manage the publication of MEBSA’s monthly newsletter.  They seek contributions from CMIL students and researchers, and aim to inform the public of the exciting research happening at the CMIL.

Social Media Team:

Maricela Alaniz and Taylor Kallmann

The Social Media Officer works with the secretary and co-chairs to maintain MEBSA’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Undergraduate Liaison:


The Undergraduate Liaison bridges graduate and undergraduate student relations. They seek and encourage fellow undergraduates to get involved in outreach, science communication, and research.

Faculty Sponsor:

Dr. Jeremy Long

The Faculty Sponsor serves as an advisor and mentor to the student officers and MEBSA community at large.