CMIL Marine Science Day 2021

There’s place that exists in very fringes of our inhabited land. A place rocked by the fists of Poseidon himself, where only a few feet of altitude separates the lushest forest from the driest deserts. That place is… The Intertidal Zone.

Please join us as we venture into this mysterious world through our Marine Science Day 2021 video. Although we were not able to invite you to join us at the Coastal Marine Institute Laboratory this year, we are excited share the work we have been doing over the last year here in your own back yard!

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Ever wonder what goes on inside a marine research laboratory?  Ever wonder what gadgets and gizmos scientists use to study the marine environment?  Come visit the SDSU Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory and find out! Meet marine biologists and scientists at San Diego State University, interact with local sea creatures, and learn about San Diego’s diverse marine ecosystems.

Unfortunately, Marine Science Day 2020 is canceled due to the concerns surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19)

Marine Science Day and event you don’t want to keep a secret!


Coastal and Marine Institute Lab

4165 Spruance Rd

San Diego, CA 92101

The students and faculty at SDSU, MEBSA, and CMIL are thrilled to invite you to our Marine Science Day (formerly the CMIL Open House) at the Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory (CMIL), on March 22th, 2019 from 10 am to 3 pm. The 8th Annual Marine Science Day will showcase current research at SDSU, the facilities at CMIL, and many educational activities related to marine ecology, conservation, and feature ‘Secret Seas’. This is a once a year opportunity where CMIL has opened its doors and is a great chance to experience what goes on at a working marine research laboratory.

The CMIL Marine Science Day is free and geared toward students, teachers, and families. This is especially true for SDSU students who might be interested in joining SDSU marine biology labs to gain valuable research experience. Educational activities will demonstrate key topics of ongoing research and related issues in marine science. In addition guests will have the opportunity to interact with the faculty and graduate student marine researchers who call CMIL ‘home’.

Get to know SDSU scientists by attending presentations from graduate students and faculty members held every hour.

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